Victory Gardens – A New Generation Grows Its Roots

There is a new found obsession in recent years with growing your own garden, spurred in large part by the economic woes we have all been faced with. Our new first lady Michelle Obama helped add fuel to the gardening fire when she started a kitchen garden on the White House lawn and encouraged Americans to do the same.

While it is a far cry from the push for Victory Gardens during World War II, there is nonetheless a strong desire among many to do whatever we can to help control the ever-increasing cost of food. Because of advancements in technology and communication we now have the ability to improve on the original Victory Garden idea in exciting ways that make it more enjoyable and even less costly than ever to grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs at home.

Gardening Goes Viral

The social networking movement is still quite new but there is no denying the phenomenal impact it has had on society. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are bringing us together in amazing ways and they afford us the opportunity to interact with like minded people to share information on an unprecedented scale. A new generation of Victory Gardeners are using these online tools to get the word out about gardening as well as to help would-be gardeners to get their hands in the dirt without feeling as though they are going it alone.

Gardening on the Cheap

Despite what some may have you believe, you do not have to spend a lot of money to have a successful home garden either. Take the case of Joe Lamp’l for example. In 2009, Joe set out to challenge himself to grow a $25 Victory Garden and to share the entire process with blog readers on the Internet as well as the viewers of ABC’s Good Morning America program. His story is an excellent example of how a successful garden is possible without spending a lot of money.

Two of the most useful tools for people who want to garden without spending a lot of money are your local Freecycle and Craigslist sites, both of which are great sources of free and inexpensive items that can be quite useful to someone who is just getting started. Many gardeners on Freecycle are often willing to share surplus seeds and seedlings with their neighbors and all you have to do is ask!

Use What You Have

Another important tip to bear in mind is that you are likely surrounded by items you can use for gardening at home and you don’t even realize it. An empty egg carton is a fantastic seed starter, for example. A disposable plastic cake container from the supermarket makes a great terrarium for keeping those tiny seedlings moist and warm, and it can be used year after year. Best of all, you already have these items on hand!

Eating fresh produce that you have grown yourself is an empowering experience that can change the way you think about the food you eat forever. Today’s Victory Garden is about taking control over your food, your budget and your life.

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