How to Make Money at Home With Blogs

The thought of working at home can be filled with both excitement and anxiety. While it may be exhilarating to think that you can say “goodbye” to your boss, the commute, and expenses such as gas and daycare, it can be scary to think about giving up a steady paycheck.

Many moms are now making money at home by creating Short for web logs, these first came about in the 90’s before the internet was even popular. Today, blogs are everywhere and there are no signs of their popularity decreasing.

Starting a blog is a fairly easy process and can be done for free via services such as You can also buy your own domain name (website address) and install WordPress on it. WordPress is a free content management system that is widely used for both blogs and websites.

There are several ways to monetize your blog using advertising and affiliate marketing (we will be discussing that in a later section). When you accept advertising, you are paid an upfront fee for ad space on your blog.

Accepting graphic ads will be the most obvious form of advertising. You can set your own prices and manage the ad rotation on your own, if you choose. Once your blog gets very popular, you may want to install a script to mange the ads for you.

Many people choose to earn money from their blogs through contextual ad programs, such as Google AdSense. When a person signs up with a service that provides this type of ad, the service will “read” the web pages and place ads that have something to do with the information on the page.

For example, if your blog features information on how to grow a rose bush, the service may place ads for gardening supplies, rose plants, and so forth.

The goal being that if the ad has something to do with the content found on your page, your reader will be more likely to click on the ad. You will earn money each time you receive a click. Similar to contextual ads, text link ads choose various words on a webpage and link them to ads.

Websites such as help bloggers find companies who are willing to pay the blogger to blog about them. That’s right! You can get paid just for blogging about a company, their product, or their service. The amount will vary based on the company and the popularity of your blog.

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